Our mission

We're bringing the best quality care to you

At Wellness Clinic, our mission is to provide accessible and effective naturopathic care to help you achieve your goals.

Naturopathic care is transformative for a wide range of health conditions, but finding quality practitioners you can trust with your health can be the tricky part.

With Wellness you can find all of NZ's best practitioners no matter where you are in the country.

Our values

Everyone deserves Wellness

Our goal at Wellness is to provide the best quality care possible, at the most affordable price and have it accessible to everyone in New Zealand. While proving the best possible user-experience so getting the quality care you deserve without the hassle. With our platform clients can easily manage their prescriptions, appointments, invoices, and more.

Bringing the best quality care to you


Looking for a top naturopath but limited by local options? At Wellness Clinic, we break those boundaries by connecting you with leading naturopaths across New Zealand. This means you have the freedom to choose the best practitioner for your health needs, all from the convenience of your home.


We provide you access to New Zealand's finest naturopaths, no matter your location. Our practitioners are free from the daily demands of managing a clinic, allowing them to focus entirely on your health. This dedicated approach consistently delivers superior results for our clients.


We've cut out the costly overheads that come with traditional clinic spaces. This means we can offer you top-notch care without the top-notch prices. Instead of your money going towards keeping the lights on, it goes straight to enhancing your care. It's quality healthcare, made more affordable.

Why choose Wellness Clinic?

Wellness Clinic vs traditional in-person naturopathy

We're on a mission to deliver the best naturopathic care experience possible for the best price on the market.

Wellness Clinic
Initial appointment
Without clinic overheads, we offer you better rates
$250 +
Follow-up appointment
$90 +
Degree-qualified practitioners
Trust our degree-qualified practitioners for care that's backed by the latest research
Access the best practitioners in the country
No good naturopaths nearby? Connect with New Zealand’s best, wherever you are
In-person sessions
Enjoy high-quality care at home without the travel hassle
Video sessions
Phone sessions
Client portal
Your own personal treatment portal
Manage your treatment easily with My Wellness
Access your treatment plan anytime
Need a quick refresher? Your treatment plan is always available on My Wellness
Order your prescription online anytime
Order prescriptions with the ease of online shopping—no emails or invoices required
Easy online scheduling
Book, reschedule, or cancel directly from your portal or email

Find your practitioner

Browse our degree-qualified practitioners and find the one that is right for you, no matter your location

Success stories

See what our clients have to say about their experience with their Wellness Practitioner

I have seen huge improvements in my health since starting naturopathy sessions with Zoe. It’s been a very validating and comfortable experience, after years of my symptoms being dismissed by other practitioners.
Chelsea B
Chelsea B

Treated by:

Zoe Summers

My reflux disappeared, the inflammation subsided, and the brain fog lifted. I now wake up full of energy, feeling like my body is functioning optimally.
Mike D
Mike D

Treated by:

Tessa Hemingway

I went from going to doctor weekly with at least one of the boys, to not going since I talked to you! You’re amazing, thanks again!
Chloe M
Chloe M

Treated by:

Tessa Hemingway

Just after 2 weeks I’ve seen such amazing progress with my health, and I couldn’t be happier and grateful for that.

Treated by:

Tessa Hemingway

What Zoe prescribed was obviously spot on as my son finished the course and hasn’t had any of the issues since!
Nathan K
Nathan K

Treated by:

Zoe Summers

The treatments she prescribed took effect almost immediately and I have been migraine free for the past 8 months.

Treated by:

Tessa Hemingway