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Queenstown clinic
For Queenstown-based clients, you can book in-person appointments with Tessa or Zoe—just choose the clinic location rather than Google Meet.
30 Friesian Close, Hanley's Farm


What are your clinic hours?

Each practitioner offers differs hours. We try to offer a range of times and days throughout the week to accomodate for different schedules.

Do you also offer in-person appointments?

We are based in Queenstown and both of our Queenstown-based practitioners, Tessa Hemingway & Zoe Summers offer in-person appointments for Queenstown locals.

Does a virtual appointment change the treatment?

Not at all! The only difference is we talk via a screen, instead of sitting across from one another. Naturopathy is a non-physical treatment, therefore we are able to bring you high quality care 100% online.

How do I book an appointment?

Book yourself in on the appointments page or your practitioners page.