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Sleep issues and insomnia

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Sleep issues and insomnia

Sleep disturbances and insomnia are very common, but can have such a profound impact on your health. Not just your day-to-day wellbeing, but also your future health. Therefore if you are suffering from poor sleep, it is a very important thing to address! There is so many factors that have an impact over our quality of sleep and therefore many options for ways in which we can improve it. Naturopathic medicine offers holistic approaches to address the underlying causes of insomnia, promote relaxation, and restore healthy sleep patterns.


  • Difficulty falling asleep despite feeling tired
  • Waking up frequently during the night
  • Difficulty returning to sleep after waking up
  • Non-restorative sleep, feeling tired upon waking
  • Daytime fatigue, irritability, or difficulty concentrating
  • Yawning
  • Tension headaches or muscle pain due to poor sleep quality
  • Night terrors or nightmares
  • Sleep paralysis 

Treatment options

When dealing with sleep issues, we first need to assess your sleep patterns and quality of sleep by discussing your sleep symptoms and routines in depth. We then look at all the factors that could possibly be contributing to a lack of sleep quality or insomnia. From here we can develop a plan around how to best improve your sleep using lifestyle changes, sleep hygiene modifications, dietary interventions, supplementation and herbal medicine. Through working holistically to improve your sleep, this can help improve quality of sleep, energy throughout the day, cognitive function, mood balance, relaxation and stress reduction and so much more. 

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Sleep issues and insomnia

Zoe has helped improve all aspects of my mental and physical health! My insomnia, anxiety, menstrual migraines, IBS, and relationships with food and exercise have all improved since working with her.
Sara B
Sara B

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Zoe Summers

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Sleep issues and insomnia

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Zoe Summers
Naturopath, Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist (b.NatMed)

Zoe is the first practitioner who started working with Tessa at Wellness. She is the go-to person for anything to do with your immune system, issues with fatigue as well as sports performance and nutrition.

Tessa Hemingway
Naturopath, Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist (B.NatMed), clinic founder & director

Tessa is the founder of Wellness Clinic as well as an experienced practitioner working closely with women with hormonal and menstrual issues and conditions of the nervous system like stress, anxiety and mental health challenges.